Covid-19 Notices

Hello all, Covid-19 Response Plan for Ballyneale NS and notice that will be displayed on main entrance to the school for your information. Also included some useful advice for parents. If you have not received a copy of the Covid-19 Response Plan to your email please inform the school.


Homework 22nd – 26th June 2020

Dear Pupils and Parents,

Please see below the final week of work set out by each class teacher.



Plastic Free 4 Kids.

There are 6 lessons in this series. Type Plastic Free 4 Kids Lesson ___ into YouTube.

Best of luck Sam!

Best of luck to Sam Bennett who is the son in law of Ms. Fogarty who teaches here in the school. He has done Carrick-on-Suir and Ireland proud by winning the green jersey in the Tour De France. We wish him all the best for the rest of the tour ahead of its conclusion this weekend. A fantastic achievement. Here is some bicycle craft that 5th and 6th did during the week and samples of first attempts at drawing bicycles by infants.

Welcome Back

A warm welcome back to all the pupils. It’s been a busy first few days getting used to the new precautions in school. Well done to all the pupils for getting to grips with it all. It’s great to be back!

Summer Holidays

On behalf of Ballyneale National School, I wish you a happy and enjoyable holiday. A sincere thank you for all your support and co-operation throughout these unprecedented times which brought such uncertainty to many families. A huge well done to you all. You have worked so well over the last few months. We are all so proud.

I hope you have had the opportunity to spend quality time with your family and enjoy fun activities.

Looking forward to welcoming you all back to school.

Virtual School Tour 2020

As we cannot go on our school tour as normal this year, we are going on a ‘virtual school tour’ to Dublin Zoo. It’s like going on a trip using our imaginations!! We are going to do some activities at home to get us ready for our school trip. Then, we will watch videos of the different animals at Dublin Zoo and imagine we are really seeing them.

First, you must design your bus ticket that will get you from our school all the way to Dublin Zoo.

Next, you need to make a list of everything you must bring. Some ideas might be: lunch, sun cream, hat, raincoat, drink and of course, a treat!

You must pack a lunch to bring with you. Maybe you could help whoever is at home to make some lunch – you might even want to put it into your lunchbox.

Off we go on our bus. These are some songs about trips on a bus that you might like to listen to:

We have arrived! Once we get through the gates, we will visit the African Savannah and the Asian Elephants.

Have a watch of the videos below.

Watch the penguins eat their lunch at 2:30pm https://www.dublinzoo.ie/animals/animal-webcams/penguins/

Follow Up Activities:

The senior classes may be interested in some of the following virtual tours instead; https://www.into.ie/2020/03/25/virtual-tour-season/


They have put together an excellent tour with audio.  You can pick and choose which sections you would like to focus on.  This is probably more suitable for the senior classes and is very easy to navigate. Click here to check it out yourself.


This website has some great videos that children can watch to get a sense of what life was like long ago.  It has a cool feature to see how Dublin changed over the years, by scrolling along the time line. You can also compare it to present day, creating a nice visual.

Virtual Sports Day 24th June 2020

As we near the end of the final term, we all know that Sports Day is a day that many children look forward to. Sadly, this year we will not get the opportunity to enjoy this day in school.

We want to bring the fun and excitement of sports day to the homes of the children this year for everyone at home to enjoy!

So, we will hold our Virtual Sports Day tomorrow, 24th June.

There will be five events for you to try at home. It would be great if parents gave some of the challenges a go!

Event 1: Egg and Spoon Race

Event 2: Sack Race

Event 3: Long Jump

Event 4: Walk / Run 1 km

Event 5: Your choice

Be creative – make your own obstacle course / game!

Treat yourself to something nice at the end of the day for all your hard work 🙂

As always, we would love to see some pictures and share them on the website. Please send them to nikkiballyneale2020@hotmail.com.


Safety Week: Water Safety

National Wafer Safety Week takes place from June 15th to June 21st 2020.

PAWS (Primary Aquatics Water Safety) Designed by children, teachers and experts at Water Safety Ireland. PAWS is free, fun and available at http://www.teachpaws.ie now.

Use the above website to teach your children basic water safety skills at home- skills that save lives. With lots of games, puzzles and lessons, your child can become a PAWS HERO today.

Safety Week: Road Safety

Today we explore all aspects of road safety and the very important role we all play in remaining safe at home and at school.

Please take the time to discuss the rules of the road, the importance of hi-vis vests, wearing a seatbelt and also a helmet when cycling with your child.

The pictures and videos below will aid your discussion.

Crossing the Road:

Have a listen to the Safe Cross Code;

Cycle Safety:

Do ensure they:

  • Cycle a bike matched to their height and experience
  • Wear a safety helmet
  • Use lights in dark or dusky conditions

Don’t allow them to:

  • Cycle on public roads unsupervised (if under 12)
  • Wear loosely-worn scarves or other clothing that could get caught in the wheels or chain-set
  • Take unnecessary risks

Wearing a seat belt:

Be Safe, Be Seen:

Discuss the importance of wearing high visibility material when out walking or cycling throughout the year, but especially and during the winter months.