TodayFM Entry

This week the school entered the Today FM Ian Dempsey Show competition to try and win E10,000 for the school from Keelings Fruit Company.  We were unsuccessful but the whole school got involved in coming up with ideas!  Here’s our two entries:

Please come to our school Mr Dempsey and Ballyneale Village you will see.

Next the champion Kiely’s grave,

the famous athlete strong and brave.

Round whom our ancestors sleep,

We pray to God their souls to keep!

In Ballyneale School you will find

Children of keen wit and mind.

Artworks, music and P.E.

Trophies galore you will see!

Speak in English, Gaelige, Chinese, Swedish and even Japanese!

Our test results will stun you more,

Top marks are our favourite score!

Healthy lunches, veg and fruit,

Keeling’s food at the root to keep us happy and help us grow

Like our garden that we sow!


Why We Should Win…

A dolly for Molly,

A truck for Dan,

A swing and a slide

For five year old Sam.

Play jewels and a teddy,

Slides and a swing,

A noisy fire engine that goes ding-a-ling-ding!

A hall for P.E.

A shed for the toys,

C.D’s and DVD’s for the girls and the boys.

Healthy lunches to eat for all everyday,

Three cheers for Ian Dempsey and Keelings, Hurray!

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