November in Junior and Senior Infants

November was a fun and busy month. We learned all about the Antarctica and Weather.

Our Aistear theme for the first half of November was Tom Crean and the Antarctica. We made penguins from 2D shapes, built igloos, made Antarctica animals using playdough and built exploration ships to explore floating and sinking.

Our STEM challenge this month was to build an igloo using marshmallows and matchsticks. The children had to plan, design and evaluate their work. The children enjoyed the challenge.

During the second half of the month, we focused on Winter and Weather as our theme for Aistear. The children designed wooly hats using marble printing techniques, made and tested windsocks, created and recorded their own weather forecasts and sorted clothes according to the weather.

Toy Show:

We had our very own Toy Show in our classroom. The children were invited to bring in their favourite toy for a “Show and Tell”. It was great fun and made us even more excited for the RTE Toy Show.


We had lots of birthdays this month:

In Junior Infants, Mikey, Shay and Cían Quigley turned 5 while Nathan and Vivienne in Senior Infants turned 6. Happy Birthday!!

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