Competition Time: Heritage in Schools

The Heritage Council, is developing a suite of online tutorials for primary school children, their parents and teachers.

The resources are both fun and educational and are designed to inspire and develop an appreciation and curiosity about Ireland’s wonderful natural and cultural heritage.

The tutorials and other resources can be accessed at

To mark the release of the first five tutorials in the series an Easter competition with a prize in each of the following five categories, is being held.  Winners will receive a €50 One4All voucher and a free visit from a Heritage in Schools Expert for their school (to be redeemed September-December 2020).

  1. Let’s talk History – the Schools’ Folklore Collection (John O’Neill)

Task: Pick something you’d like to ask an older friend or relative about the games they played or the foods they ate when they were young.  Write down what you learn as a story or report (max 300 words)

2. Noticing nature in your local park (Paddy Madden)

Task: Look out for wildlife in your garden or within a 2km radius from your home – identify five species and write down where you found them and how you identified them

3. Learn to sing ‘Na Blathanna’ (Aileen Lambert)

Task: Watch the tutorial and learn to sing Na Blathanna with Aileen – then record your own version of the song and send it to us

4. How to podcast (Peter Baxter)

Task: With the help of an adult make a 5min podcast about the heritage in your neighbourhood and send us your 5 min recording.

5. Wildlife art for beginners (Gordon D’Arcy)

Task: Follow Gordon’s step by step guide to drawing a wren, robin, seagull or duck from shapes and send us copies of your artwork (one entry per child).

Email entries to Please include the child’s name, age and school. Please provide written consent for images, voice or text to be shared on social media and Heritage Council websites.

Closing date for entries: 24th April 2020

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