Virtual School Tour 2020

As we cannot go on our school tour as normal this year, we are going on a ‘virtual school tour’ to Dublin Zoo. It’s like going on a trip using our imaginations!! We are going to do some activities at home to get us ready for our school trip. Then, we will watch videos of the different animals at Dublin Zoo and imagine we are really seeing them.

First, you must design your bus ticket that will get you from our school all the way to Dublin Zoo.

Next, you need to make a list of everything you must bring. Some ideas might be: lunch, sun cream, hat, raincoat, drink and of course, a treat!

You must pack a lunch to bring with you. Maybe you could help whoever is at home to make some lunch – you might even want to put it into your lunchbox.

Off we go on our bus. These are some songs about trips on a bus that you might like to listen to:

We have arrived! Once we get through the gates, we will visit the African Savannah and the Asian Elephants.

Have a watch of the videos below.

Watch the penguins eat their lunch at 2:30pm

Follow Up Activities:

The senior classes may be interested in some of the following virtual tours instead;


They have put together an excellent tour with audio.  You can pick and choose which sections you would like to focus on.  This is probably more suitable for the senior classes and is very easy to navigate. Click here to check it out yourself.


This website has some great videos that children can watch to get a sense of what life was like long ago.  It has a cool feature to see how Dublin changed over the years, by scrolling along the time line. You can also compare it to present day, creating a nice visual.

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