Activities and Events

At Ballyneale National School we pride ourselves on having an extensive set of extra curriculur activities. Please explore the links below to learn more about the range of activities and achievements of our pupils.

Super Value – Save the Bees Competition

Science Blast Project

This project was focussed on discovering if children could improve their running and stamina by following a school athletics programme. It was led by 5th & 6th class who were divided into 4 main groups.

  1. Art: This group completed different drawings and graphs each week to show their reaseach and findings. They also arranged activities to promote mindfullnes and well-being.
  2. Balance: This group organised training and testing for 3rd & 4th class who had to practice and complete over 10 different balance exercises correctly.
  3. Posture: This group had the aim and focus of improving the posture of pupils using daily streching and impplementing the use of the correct ways of sitting and standing in the classroom.
  4. Athletics: This group organised a school athletics programme to improve the fitness and stamina of pupils. Over time, all pupils showed great progress in their fitness and attitiude towards being fit and healthy.

Climb with Charlie Project

3rd & 4th class created posters and raised 257 euro in aid of Pieta House and The Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association. We completed a 5km walk around Ballyneale as a school.

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