Green Flag

Ballyneale NS are involved with the Green schools programme.

We were very proud when we achieved our first green flag, which was aimed at reducing the amount of litter and waste consumed in the school.  Each classroom has a recycling bin for paper waste and a compost bin for fruit peelings and pencil parings.  The Green schools committee are responsible for shredding left over paper which is used for animal bedding.  We started a number of recycling initiatives in the school.  We recycle mobile phones, stamps, batteries, cans, bottle tops etc.  We also collect clothes for recycling.

The green schools committee consists of children from first to sixth class, our SNA, Mary Walsh and our Green schools co-ordinator, Ms Dempsey.  The committee meets every month to discuss targets and progress made within the programme.  This year we are focussing on how to reduce energy and to improve energy efficiency within the school.

DSCN2655  blarney woollen mills Country Life DSCN2653 DSCN2654

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