School Tours

Every year we aim to take trips locally to avail of the wonderful facilities in our immediate environment.  We have visited local historical sights and the Co. Museum.  We also endeavour to bring our children to a local pantomime annually.

The highlight of the year for many of the children is when they travel further afield to spend a fun-filled day on a Pet Farm or Adventure Centre. 

The Parents Association subsidise the school tours.

1st & 2nd Class Tour 2022 to Kingfisher Club, Waterford

Senior School Tour to The Watershed Kilkenny 2022.

On June 8th all classes from 3rd to 6th class went to Kilkenny to the Watershed. They had a fun filled day where they had the chance to participate in lots of fun activities. These included orienteering, swimming, inflatables and even a giant waterslide.

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