As part of our Be Active Programme, we will begin gymnastics for 1st  and 2nd class pupils after school on Wednesdays for the next six weeks. We are very grateful to Miss Sarah Whelan and Mr. Paul Brennan who will conduct these lessons. However, because of the numbers and to ensure individual attention to pupils,Continue reading “Gymnastics”

Swimming (3rd – 6th)

Swimming lessons at Clonmel Swimming Pool commence on Wednesday 11TH January at 10.00 a.m.  The Parents’ Association will subsidise these lessons and the cost will be €30.00 per pupil.  As swimming is part of the school curriculum all children must participate in the lessons.  The bus will leave the school at 9.20am sharp. The childrenContinue reading “Swimming (3rd – 6th)”

Health Promoting

We are a health promoting school, the past few years we have reviewed our levels of physical activity and promoted healthy eating in the school. The results have had all positive benefits for the children.  This year we will focusing on Mental Health and Wellbeing as well as maintaining what we have achieved thus far. WeContinue reading “Health Promoting”