Retirement of Principal Michael McHale

Today members of the Parent’s Association visited the school to mark Mr. McHale’s upcoming retirement. Fiona Kennedy, Sharon Harte and Maire Lacey from the Association presented Michael with a retirement gift and marked his significant contribution and dedication to Ballyneale school with the planting of a Birch tree on the school grounds. Mr. McHale thankedContinue reading “Retirement of Principal Michael McHale”


5th and 6th class created a slow car race with a 1 metre track as part of a STEM project. Each track had to have a 45 degree angle and the slowest car wins the race!

Fyffes Fit Squad

5th and 6th taking part in Fyffes Fit Squad during the week. ​Created in 2018, Fyffes Fit Squad is a multi award-winning programme that gets kids active through easy-to-learn and fun-to-do exercises.


There is a vacancy for a temporary cleaner in Ballyneale NS. If interested please contact the office or submit a letter of application to the school. Regards, M. McHale.

STEM Education

5th and 6th class pupils enjoying STEM education packs provided by Clonmel library. The pupils completed two activities, electric art lighthouse paper circuit and paper chromatography.