Transition to Secondary

The pupils of 6th class received a talk from parent and secondary school teacher, Noelle Tobin on the transition to secondary school. The pupils learned about the importance of being organised, reading timetables, choosing subjects, their role in learning and making and keeping friends in secondary school. The pupils had an opportunity to ask Mrs.Continue reading “Transition to Secondary”

Graduation Mass

Today we had an emotional graduation mass for our 6th class students who are leaving us this year. It was also a time to reflect on the past school year, with all its activities and achievements. Please take some time to look back on previous posts from the Ballyneale NS school year 2014/2015.

School Trip-1st and 2nd Class

The first and second class children enjoyed their school trip to Lismore heritage centre.  First the children took part in a woodland trail, whereby they explored the ancient remains of structures long ago. They enjoyed the art and crafts activities as well as the science experiments. And of course a trip to the local playgroundContinue reading “School Trip-1st and 2nd Class”