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November in Junior and Senior Infants

November was a fun and busy month. We learned all about the Antarctica and Weather.

Our Aistear theme for the first half of November was Tom Crean and the Antarctica. We made penguins from 2D shapes, built igloos, made Antarctica animals using playdough and built exploration ships to explore floating and sinking.

Our STEM challenge this month was to build an igloo using marshmallows and matchsticks. The children had to plan, design and evaluate their work. The children enjoyed the challenge.

During the second half of the month, we focused on Winter and Weather as our theme for Aistear. The children designed wooly hats using marble printing techniques, made and tested windsocks, created and recorded their own weather forecasts and sorted clothes according to the weather.

Toy Show:

We had our very own Toy Show in our classroom. The children were invited to bring in their favourite toy for a “Show and Tell”. It was great fun and made us even more excited for the RTE Toy Show.


We had lots of birthdays this month:

In Junior Infants, Mikey, Shay and Cían Quigley turned 5 while Nathan and Vivienne in Senior Infants turned 6. Happy Birthday!!

October in Junior and Senior Infants

October was a busy month in the infant room as we learned all about Autumn and Halloween!

In Aistear and SESE, we learned all about autumn animals – owls, hedgehogs and squirrels. We learned that some animals are nocturnal and some are busy getting ready for hibernation.

We went on an autumn hunt to find and gather some autumn items.

Taste Test:

We explored our sense of taste and tasted sweet, sour, bitter and salty foods.

Integrated Learning Through Play: The following photos were taken during Aistear:

Halloween Fun:

We are very excited about Halloween and have been busy getting ready. We completed the following activities:

  • History: Read and sequenced the story ‘Room on the Broom’ .
  • Visual Arts: Constructed Halloween spiders and ghosts
  • Maths: Designed pumpkins using 2D shapes.
  • Science: Created magic potions.
  • Music: Learned the songs and actions to the song ‘Ghostbusters’.

We dressed up in our Halloween costumes and had a party!!


Mia turned 5 – Happy Birthday Mia!

September in Junior and Senior Infants

September was a super busy month in the infant room [hence the very late post!] as the new Junior Infants settled into the routine of “big school”. The Senior Infants have been very helpful in helping their new classmates settle – well done to all! We would like to share some of our learning from the month of September!

Throughout the month of September, the themes covered in Aistear were All About Me and School. Aistear is a methodolgy used to consolidate learning through play. To find out more information about Aistear please click on the following link:

Here are some pictures of the children during Aistear:

Infants School Trip

Junior and Senior Infants had an enjoyable day out today at the Copper Coast Mini Farm.  They got to see different animals big and small, had fun in the playground and indoor sandpit and drove their mini tractors!















Infants – Seed Sowing

Over the next couple of days infants will be bringing home a cup planted with seeds as part of the GIY and Innocent drinks Big Grow campaign –

Peas, tomatoes and cress seeds will be planted.  Here are some tips for how to look after the plants at home over the coming months.




Halloween and Autumn Art

Check out the Halloween and Autumn Art that Ms. Dempsey’s first and second class have been making.


Here’s some scary pictures Ms. Fogarty’s junior and senior infants have been busy with.



Maths Week

As part of Maths Week pupils of Infants and 5th and 6th came up with some maths problems based on the school environment.