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Gardening Guest

Fr. Jimmy came to the school last week to sow onion sets, potatoes and herbs with the pupils of 3rd and 4th class.  He told the pupils how to plant and sow and showed them the amazing root systems in the potted herbs.  The pupils especially loved the beautiful smells of all the different herbs now in the school garden.


School Garden

Second Class pupils busy weeding and harvesting the produce pupils have grown throughout the year.  A vegetable box was left at the school gate for pupils and parents to sample our onions, garlic, sage, lemon balm and rhubarb.


Bird Signs

Bird signs have been erected in the school garden to make it easier for the children to identify common Irish birds who visit us daily!

Bird Signs


Birdwatch Ireland Talk

Kevin Collins from Birdwatch Ireland came in to the school on Tuesday and spoke to the students from 3rd to 6th about garden birds.  First he gave a very interesting presentation about Irish garden birds and the great distances they travel.

He then showed 5th and 6th how to build bird boxes. These will now be placed in the school grounds to feed our school garden bird visitors.

A huge thanks to Kevin Collins for his time and talk.


Birdwatch Ireland

Kevin Collins from Birdwatch Ireland is coming to the school on Tuesday to speak to students from 3rd to 6th about garden birds.  He will also make nesting boxes with the senior classes.

School Garden

Junior Infants helped plant some onion bulbs during the week. 4th Class also planted onion bulbs and garlic. These will grow over winter and be ready next summer. The young growth of the onions can be used for spring onions.

Signs made by staff member Mary Walsh’s husband were also placed in the garden.


Pea Planting in Infants

Today the Junior and Senior Infants were told all about peas and how tasty they were by one of our senior students. They then sowed pea seeds around the wigwam that first and second class helped make.  We hope they grow!

Infants Sowing Seeds