Cake Sale

We had a very busy day here in Ballyneale NS with our Cake Sale, which once again has proved to be a wonderful success. Moneys raised this year is for Neuroblastoma Research and will greatly help their cause. We were delighted to have Annette, Kate and Anna Comerford here today, who are advocates for the saidContinue reading “Cake Sale”

School Council

Our School Council was elected for the new school year. Our Committee members are Keelan Hanrahan, Megan O’Meara, Kate O’Hora, Quinn O’Donnell, Ava Cooney and Erin Hanrahan. Their roles and responsibilities are to: Create a link between students and teachers. Inform teachers if there are problems on a school yard. Promote the school. Help out inContinue reading “School Council”