Active Schools Week

Active Schools Week has been a busy week in the school. During the week infants to second class took part in an educational trail around the school grounds. A soccer league took place at lunch times and the final will be held next week. Relaxation activities were enjoyed by the pupils. Infants and first andContinue reading “Active Schools Week”

Active Schools Week Update

Active Schools Week is underway in the school at the moment. Yesterday pupils from infants went on a trail around the school answering questions with the help of 5th and 6th class pupils.  They found out who has the longest car in the car park [Jane] and discovered some minibeasts under stones. First and SecondContinue reading “Active Schools Week Update”

Active Schools – Sports Day

Yesterday we had a sports day. We were divided into eight groups. First we did stations in our groups. The stations were; the welly throw, penalties, parachute games, dress-up, water relay, skittles, musical chairs, jenga, slow bike race, hoop throw and obstacle course. After lunch we had races such as the sack race, egg andContinue reading “Active Schools – Sports Day”

Active School – Infants Trail

The infants were very excited today as they were doing a trail around the school. The 5th and 6th Class had booklets to quiz the junior and senior infants about their school. They had to answer questions about nature, bugs, recycling and different types of shapes. They also had to listen and look for thingsContinue reading “Active School – Infants Trail”

Active School Week-Healthy Food Tasting

In school today we did food tasting. We had to try different foods to see if we liked them. We tasted a variety of healthy foods and smoothies. Some of us tried celery and we thought it tasted very strong. Other people tried tuna and sweetcorn sandwiches. Some liked them and some didn’t like them.Continue reading “Active School Week-Healthy Food Tasting”

Active School-1st and 2nd Outdoor Trail

Today we had a very interesting and unique experience.  We completed a trail in our school grounds. We had to figure out the answers to many questions. The trail involved counting, adding, subtracting, estimating, measuring, listening and observing. One of our most enjoyable experiences was finding and drawing a mini-beast.  Everyone worked as a team.  AsContinue reading “Active School-1st and 2nd Outdoor Trail”