Birdwatch Ireland Talk

Kevin Collins from Birdwatch Ireland came in to the school on Tuesday and spoke to the students from 3rd to 6th about garden birds.  First he gave a very interesting presentation about Irish garden birds and the great distances they travel. He then showed 5th and 6th how to build bird boxes. These will nowContinue reading “Birdwatch Ireland Talk”

A Day in the Garden

First and second class went out to the garden today. First we made a wigwam using bamboo and string. The wigwam is for the peas when they grow up! Next we sowed lettuce seeds. We also planted lettuce plants.  Then we planted onions and chives. When we were in the middle of gardening, it startedContinue reading “A Day in the Garden”

Planting Herbs

Today third class planted herbs in the school garden.  We planted different types of herbs, lemon balm, rosemary, thyme, sage and chamomile.  Then we watered our herbs. The herbs are great for cooking and they had a really strong smell. We loved rosemary the best and we thought the lemon balm smelled like lemons!  ThirdContinue reading “Planting Herbs”