A big welcome to all the Junior Infants!

In order that your son/daughter may have a happy introduction to school life, we suggest that you consider the following guidelines as recommended by the I.N.T.O. publication – Your Child in the Primary School – INTO

It is very worthwhile to read the arcticle in full, however please note in particular:

1. Children should be able to:

  • Put on and take off coats and hang them up.
  • Use the toilet properly and wash their hands.
  • Tidy up after their activities carefully and neatly.
  • Share toys and activities.
  • Use a handkerchief or tissue.
  • Put belongings in and out of their school bag or lunch box independently.

2. Allow your child/children to do things independently.  Encourage confidence by having children dress themselves.  Please allow extra time for this in the morning.

3. Don’t criticise if things are not exactly to your liking.  Praise their efforts at every opportunity.

4. Children cannot be independent if they cannot manage the equipment you provide.  Please give some thought to the items your child needs to get through the school day.  If your child cannot tie laces, shoes with Velcro fasteners will enable him/her to fix his/her own shoes.

5. Choose a lunch box and drink that your child can open easily and does not require assistance.  Choose lunches that will ensure he is independent of the teacher.  For example peel his/her orange before school and open any packed food if you son/daughter cannot manage it himself/herself.

6. Label all your children’s clothes (including jackets) and belongings clearly.  Check these labels regularly to ensure that they are still legible.