Wellbeing Week

Ballyneale NS will take part in Wellbeing Week from the 13th– 17th May. The week will focus on the overall wellbeing of students and staff in our school.  Everyday has a specific theme – Mindful Monday, Thoughtful Tuesday, Wellbeing Wednesday, Thankful Thursday and Friendship Friday.  Children’s wellbeing is a fundamental part of their emotional, mental, social, physical, environmental and spiritual development. The following are some activities the children will be taking part in during the week.


  • Mindful Monday– The children start each morning with a positive affirmation. Teachers check in with their pupils and ask how they are feeling. All Children will cease lessons at 10 a.m and engage in a mindfulness session in their respective classrooms.  Pupils are asked to complete a Mindful Colouring competition which will be judged by the Student Council.  The Student Council will select a winner from each classroom on Fri 17th
  • Thoughtful Tuesday – The children will have mindful breathing sessions as well as Joe Wick’s 5- minute workout sessions during the day. Pupils will learn new words associated with wellbeing.
  • Wellbeing Wednesday: Children start with their Positive Affirmations Calendar and carry out activities from the Wellbeing timetable with their Class Teacher.
  • Thankful Thursday– The children will make a gratitude tree so everyone in the school can show what they are grateful for. Our gratitude tree will be displayed in the foyer of the school.  Pupils will also have a percussion session with Cathy from Rhythm and Shakes.  The children will learn about the different cultures and musical forms from West Africa, Indonesia and Polynesia. The children will explore interlocking rhythms, body percussion, percussion instruments as well as vocal technique.
  • Friendship Friday– On Friday the children have their usual GAA session with John. Children will be encouraged to mix and play with different children at lunchtime. Pupils will also complete their Friday Reflections, whereby they jot down what went well for them during the school week and any concerns or worries that they might have.

The children are asked to complete mindfulness homework which will be shared with them by their class teacher.

Pupils are allowed to bring in a teddy/blanket over the course of the week to fully relax and partake in their mindfulness sessions.

We hope the children enjoy and benefit from this upcoming wellbeing week. Here is our wellbeing wall on the school corridor.